5 comments on “The Roadmap – my personal plan for world domination :P

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  4. how are we supposed to take you seriously if you cant even put the correct price for the lecky — have you even LOOKED at an ESB bill??? the ACTUAL price for a unit is plain to see…

    and because of that YOURE FIRED 😛

    • You can’t fire me, I qu-….hey wait a second.. 🙂

      Looking at the unit price is not so simple in my house, unfortunately. For a start, I’m on 2 meters – day and night. For another thing I’m with Airtricity, but including the cost of broken kneecaps when they call around to collect is too complicated to go into 😛

      Day unit: 0.177 – 15 hours
      Night unit: 0.0867 – 9 hours

      Averaging them up gives me a unit cost of 0.1431375….which I rounded up to €0.15.

      EDIT: This might help too : https://cryptoexperiment.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/86/

      Can I have my job back now? I was kinda enjoying it 😦

      (thanks for reading, and cheers for first comment on blog!)

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