The Cryptoexperiment 2014 Hub

Hello all! I’ve established this page as a static home page to try to put some order on the site. All of the meatier posts will be referenced from this one, whereas small updates will appear as blog entries. Please feel free to leave your comments and share the site if you wish!


My personal mining plan

Starting out
Where I’m going
How I hope to get there

The Mechanics of Mining

Setting it up and letting it rip
Building, upgrading and parts – coming soon!
Mining software in a bit more depth – coming soon!
The cost of mining – Electricity ain’t free!

Terminologies and references

Cryptocurrencies 101
Exchanges – coming soon!
Pool mining VS Solo mining – Coming soon!
Cashing in and out – Coming soon!
Free Bitcoins? Faucets and related giveaways
Wallets and Security – Coming soon!



Future plans for this page include a small directory of shops which will accept Bitcoin, a few slots for ongoing trades, group-buys and auctions from the community sites, and possibly a banner ad or two. I’m also considering moving this to a static domain rather than a blogsite, but we’ll have to see if I have the time. For now, this is not a bad home. Suggestions and submissions are extremely welcome!


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